Consultancy +

Piave Research will analyse the most suitable solution and project according to customer requirements, elaborate a ROI plan according to potential savings to provide the best possible solution to reduce the cost.

Transfer of competence +

The systems are only the tools, to reach the savings it is necessary a proper education otherwise results will not be achievable.
PR specialist will train the operator concerning how the process shall be modified, how to integrate the system into the existing production flow, how to integrate the molds and tires different design into the automations.

Factory / Site Acceptance Test +

It will be performed a factory acceptance test in Piave Research to validate the performances and the savings before shipping the systems.

Installation +

The systems supplied will be installed by PR specialist including the electrical wiring (interconnection between PS equipment).

Start up & commissioning +

The PR specialist will perform the start up and commissioning of the systems. With the start up & commissioning the system will be handed over to customer.

Training +

PR specialist will train the operator about the usage of the systems. Training will include how to solve Common problems, troubleshooting, etc.

Production Follow up +

Only the proper utilization of the system will allow to obtain the savings, for this reason PR specialist will support customer workers in operating the system achieving the savings for the required amount of time.

Spare Part +

PR will provide a spare part service, consumable and wear & tear parts.

Maintenance Contract +

The systems supplied may be covered with a maintenance contract.