Easy Groover

The innovative solution to revitalize the retreading business

The Easy Groover is an automatic milling system composed of: Anthropomorphic robot, a high performance spindle, the tools rack, the tyre lathe and laser blade.
The above combined to a specific developed software to operate on the tyres retreading business allows a broad range of applications.

+ Applications
Grooving +
With Easy Groover it is possible to execute any kind of tread pattern, in a fast and economical way.

The mold is not required, allowing a huge cut of capital investment, the capacity of satisfying any user request.

There are profile which cannot be executed with a mold technique, where Easy Groover find no difficulties.

Design any kind of profile
Eliminate mold needs

Re Grooving +
The Re Grooving is a fast process and allows to extend the life of a used tire by 20% - 30%, according to the casing.

The extension of life is achieved by Re Grooving digging part of the used tire, generating a new residual tread.

This procedure is meant for tires where casing allows, and where there is no intention to invest in a tire replacement.

Renew used tyres

Water Jet Retread

A new concept of retreading

The Water Jet Retread is a system composed of: High Pressure Water Jet, Anthropomorphic robot and a Tire lathe. The above combined to a specific developed software to operate on the tires retreading business allows a broad range of applications.
This equipment allows to run different applications specifically studied to reduce the cost of retreading and to increase the quality of the retreaded tires. The applications are covered by patent.

+ Applications
New Retread +
New Retread allows to save about 30% of the rubber which would be used with a traditional system. Saving is achieved by buffing less original compound from the casing, to add a lower amount of new material.
Tire surface is treated with Water Jet Retread which remove grant the perfect blending between casing and new compound.

The Water Jet Retread System is an intermediate step in the existing production flow. The final result is a retreaded tire hot cured in mold.

Cut 30% of raw material costs
Perfect Blending

Easy Repair +
One of the most revolutionary application of Water Jet Retread is the Easy Repair, which allow to clean damages in a very short time and with a quality and precision impossible to reach with traditional tools.

Repair is a critical issue on industrial tires applications, this function drastically advance the repairing capability and the cost of each repair. Improving working environment and increasing the percentage of the recovered tires.

Faster,easier,casing is safe
Extend range of reparable

Easy Groover + Water Jet Retread

+ Applications
New Retread Plus +
The New Retread Plus process allows a higher saving, compared to traditional system the rubber saved is up to 50%.
Even in this case the saving it is achieved by conservation of existing original rubber, tire is hot cured in mold.

Best results on material saving -50%
Perfect blending

Deep Profile System DPS +

DPS System restore only the top part of the tread, keeping untouched the strength and features of original tire.
The tires retreaded with the DPS Deep Profile System has performance comparable with the new tire.
The saving in term of rubber is -35% average.

Best quality achievable
No mold required