Piave Research is born from a sixty years experience, Italian OTR tire Retreader, Piave Tyres, who was in need to revitalise his business.
The aggressive approach of “FarEast” tire supplier, made the retreading business no more competitive thus the survival of Piave Tyres.
Piave Tyres decided to change the approach to the traditional retreading technology and engaged a team of researcher to find Eco-friendly solutions in order to reduce cost and waste, increase quality and duration of products. The results achieved by each of the new technology were so satisfactory that it was decided to found a dedicated company to promote them into retreating industry.


Piave Research is based in Italy with the aim to provide solution and services to the retreading industry, developing innovative Systems.


Supply solutions and “know how” to the retreading industry, to allow retreader to have a new sustainability.
Piave Research Systems, improve working condition and permit a big save of classical process costs.


Seal of excellence

Certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and innovation 2014-2020. As innovative way for regroove and rebuilt querry and truck tyres.

Was successful in highly competitive evaluation process as an innovative project proposal.

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